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About ABU

The African Buddhist Union (ABU) is an umbrella non-profit organization that brings together African Buddhists, African Buddhists in diaspora, and friends of African Buddhists. It offers membership to both Buddhist organizations and individuals of all Buddhist traditions in the spirit of preserving the Buddha’s teaching and strengthening spiritual friendship in the context of African wisdom and culture.

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Become a Member Today!

ABU invites members or organisations who are active and committed to the cause of peace to join the Union and attend our programs. The Union organise mindfulness meditation and yoga retreats where all members including young participants from all over the world join to practice meditation in a beautiful serene environment.

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Support Us!

All our activities are based on your generous giving. Our mission is to cultivate a spirit of mutual friendship and good fellowship among African Buddhists through activities such as study of Dhamma, practice of meditation and promotion of Buddhist ethics and values for social action. We hope that with you, we will achieve our vision.

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