The African Buddhist Union brings together 54 member countries. We offer membership to both Organisations and individuals of all Buddhist traditions in Africa in the spirit of preserving the Buddha’s teaching and strengthening spiritual friendship.

However, for anyone to become a member, you should agree with our statement of Mission and Vision.

Members should observe the five positive precepts:

  • Protecting and preserving life
  • Contentedness and generosity
  • Respect for relationships
  • Honesty, and trustworthiness
  • Diligence and mindfulness


Please, download the Membership Form and send it to:

 Monthly Fellowship

We conduct a meditation session once a month, on full moon day to bring energies of love and peace. Members are required to participate in this retreat at a designated venue which is always communicated to every member. Members also exchange ideas, share experiences, express concerns, and reach consensus on especially the future of ABU in dialogues, workshops and other Dhamma activities.